Tiko Changes 3D Printing – Kickstarter

Who hasn’t wanted a 3D printer? But they’re too expensive right? NO. $179 is all you’ll pay for the Tiko 3D printer. Check out the details below to get involved in it’s Kickstarter project which has already doubled it’s bid.

About this project

As inventors, we use 3D printers all the time. We love 3D printing and all the doors it opens, but we don’t like our printers. It seems like every day something jams, breaks, shifts, or fails. Even when our printers do work, they need fine-tuning to print well. All in all, we probably spend more time working on our printers than on our inventions.

Sure, there are some high-end machines out there that consistently work well—but why do they have to be so expensive?

Go into a store with $179 and see what you can get. A microwave, a mini-fridge, a vacuum, etc. All of these products are pretty complicated, and no one expects them to require fixing every week. We believe a 3D printer shouldn’t be any different.

That’s why we designed Tiko.