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Artist Sean Yoro Paints Awesome Seaside Murals

Sean Yoro (or Hula) is based in New York, but grew up on the island of Oahu. He has dabbled in graffiti, watercolour, and tattoo art, but has began seriously working on painting the human body. Hula paddles out on surfboards with his paints and creates beautiful, unique and lifelike paintings in hard to access locations all ... More

Famous artists at work in their studios

Pablo Picasso Salvador Dali Frida Kahlo Claude Monet Winsor McCay Joan Miro Yue Minjun Mark Chagall Ron Mueck Auguste Rodin Gustave Boulanger Paul Cezanne Willem de Kooning Georgia O’Keeffe Mark Rothko Diego Riviera Roy Lichtenst... More

A Japanese Animal Preserve Where Foxes Roam Freely Among the Humans Who Visit

Booking flights to Zao Fox Village after I finish making this post. "Located in the mountains near Shiroishi, there is a ‘village’ that is filled with over 100 animals and 6 different types of foxes. This ‘Fox Village’ is one of the best places in Japan to go and see foxes. The foxes freely roam a preserve ... More

The Clothing Ensemble Of Famous Musicians

The Clothing Ensemble Of Famous Musicians More

Photography by Yu-Hong Kuo

Check out more of Yu-Hong Kuo's beautiful work on the links below. This is a great collection of bright images still capture bold and striking compositions along with dark images that create their own light. Flickr: Yu-Hong Kuo's Photostream Yu-Hong Kuo | Tumblr ... More

Digital Printing Porn

And you thought digital printing was boring? Check out this video by WEKO. Try and get over their breathtaking visual effects and focus on the process. I'm also loving the big epic opening shot over the forest. If you've anymore questions on digital printing or litho printing or any other printing then give us a shout. We want ... More

Package Printing by How It’s Made

Here's a great and very quick look into what goes into package printing. It's a bit of an eye opener to the technology and science that goes into your everyday packaging. Wiki says: Offset printing or web offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a ... More

Colour Palette Photography by Emily Blincoe

Another stunning set of photographs by Emily Blincoe. Using colours to combine different foods and plants. These beautiful, friendly palettes would look great on any wall or kitchen. Email can be found on Instagram and you can also buy her prints. Via Ignant   More

Oreo art by Tisha Cherry

Oreo art by Tisha Cherry - You can view more on her Instagram More