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Need help with Photoshop?

Asking for help online can sometimes be a bad idea. This case proves that, but with a lot of humor. This man just wanted a fix for his photograph with the Eiffel Tower and what he got in return was far from what he wanted, but almost exactly what he asked for. If you need any design work feel free to ask us for help ... More

Coffee Universe by Flora Borsi

I have been licking my lips since first seeing this post on Future Shoot by Flora Borsi. These luxurious looking photo manipulations and by Flora Borsi push your imagination out into a world where the skies are beautiful milky-coffee swirls of delight. The surreal backdrops are completely at one with the foreground and tie ... More

Martin De Pasquale vs Photoshop

Martin De Pasquale is a photo-editing genius. This compilation give you a peak at some of his skills. Much more can be seen on Behance. The Argentine photographer takes photos of himself and manipulates them into sometimes creepy and always surreal worlds. Check out more about the process over at Gizmodo. ... More

History in Colour

A different look at some iconic photographs from history. What a picture once said before will now seem a little different. It truly does say more than the once black & white image. More