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A bunch of cool artists from around the world

Here's a great collection of artists that everyone should get to know. Each artist offers something different and all telling very different stories with their work. Jehan Choo Johan Patoma AliceXZ AnnickHuber GorosArt KR0NPR1NZ Marilen Adrover jameszapata uncannyknack KR0NPR1NZ Lola Fine ... More

Tiko Changes 3D Printing – Kickstarter

Who hasn't wanted a 3D printer? But they're too expensive right? NO. $179 is all you'll pay for the Tiko 3D printer. Check out the details below to get involved in it's Kickstarter project which has already doubled it's bid. About this project As inventors, we use 3D printers all the time. We love 3D printing and ... More

Marketing Fails

Many companies find that their marketing message gets “lost in translation” during international ad campaigns. Top Marketing Fails [Slide Share] from National Pen More