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Need help with Photoshop?

Asking for help online can sometimes be a bad idea. This case proves that, but with a lot of humor. This man just wanted a fix for his photograph with the Eiffel Tower and what he got in return was far from what he wanted, but almost exactly what he asked for. If you need any design work feel free to ask us for help ... More

Painted Typography by Pawel Nolbert

These bight pieces seem very surreal. This unique technique, by Pawel Nolbert, was created by photographing paint and editing them with digital illustrations. I don't understand, i won't even pretend too, but they're beautiful. The piece is called Atypical and the Nolbert describes them as an exploration of the form and ... More

History of Graphic Design in a Chart

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A Study In Brand Minimalism

A great set of images showing some well know brands and what a minimalist look would do for the look their brand. The great thing about this are the different stages in between. More