Life’s Happy Little Moments by Puuung

  This is a beautiful set of illustrations by artist Puuung. You can see more of his work on their own website. I think what Puuung is trying to convey is that the simple everyday moments are the one's you want to remember. More

Beautiful Light Installations at Sydney’s MCA

Some Instagrammers were invited to the press preview of Light Show where they were able to snap some early photos of the upcoming exhibition. Many of them also made their way to Luminous, to capture Jones' dazzling work.                  ... More

tiko printer

Tiko Changes 3D Printing – Kickstarter

Who hasn't wanted a 3D printer? But they're too expensive right? NO. $179 is all you'll pay for the Tiko 3D printer. Check out the details below to get involved in it's Kickstarter project which has already doubled it's bid. About this project As inventors, we use 3D printers all the time. We love 3D printing and all the doors it ... More

belfast printers

Western Fairytales Get An Eastern Makeover By Korean Artist Na Young Wu

Na Young Wu, also known as Obsidian (@00obsidian00) on Twitter, is a Korean artist who has created character illustrations for games such as Japanese mobile game Furyoudou~Gang Road~ and Korean production Age of Storm: Kingdom Under Fire Online. Via Rocketnews More

Zao Foxes

A Japanese Animal Preserve Where Foxes Roam Freely Among the Humans Who Visit

Booking flights to Zao Fox Village after I finish making this post. "Located in the mountains near Shiroishi, there is a ‘village’ that is filled with over 100 animals and 6 different types of foxes. This ‘Fox Village’ is one of the best places in Japan to go and see foxes. The foxes freely roam a preserve which visitors can ... More

street art

Paris Street art by Levalet

"A bronze bull head fountain is suddenly transformed into a minotaur. A decrepit corner of an alley becomes a holding pen for ostriches. If any of these odd happenings sound familiar to you, you’re probably living in Paris and have just witnessed the work of French artist Charles Leval. Going by the name Levalet, the artist injects humor ... More

design print

London Children’s Hospital Get a Colourful Makeover

"A recent renovation of London Children’s Hospital combines multiple art styles and mediums to create a whimsical patchwork of kid-friendly designs. Young patients feel at home among the vibrant colors and exaggerated patterns that now decorate each ward, lobby and elevator. The three-year-old hospital commissioned more than 10 artists and ... More

The Clothing Ensemble Of Famous Musicians

The Clothing Ensemble Of Famous Musicians More

graphic design

Stockholm’s Subway System Is Beautiful